Technical Information Page

This page provides product specsheets, handling tips, and general technical information for Norcada products. Please note the information provided here is for reference only. For further technical information regarding Norcada products, please contact us directly.

Product specification sheets:

TEM Grid Specsheet
Xray window Specsheet

Product handling tips:

TEM grid handling tips
Xray window handling tips

Silicon nitride membrane window schematics:


Membrane burst pressure:

With the right thickness and size combination, Norcada’s low stress silicon nitride windows can be used as an X-ray window and a barrier between ambient and vacuum. The maximum pressure (burst pressure) a silicon nitride membrane can hold strongly depends on the thickness and size of the membrane. In addition, the burst pressure is much higher when applied on the top side of the membrane window (vacuum on back cavity side). The table below summarizes the membrane burst pressure for different membrane thicknesses and sizes.   Pressure value is given in PSI and is measured by applying a positive pressure on the top side of the membrane window.


SiN Membrane Burst Pressure (PSI) as a Function of Size and Thickness
1x1mm 1.5×1.5mm 2x2mm 3x3mm 5x5mm
100nm 40 25 20 10 6
200nm 60 50 40 30 18
500nm 70 60 50 40 30