silicon nitride xray membranes and sample holders
Norcada’s Nitride Windows individually packaged in gel capsules for ease of handling.
x-ray spectroscopy membrane windows and support films
Norcada’s Nitride Windows are carefully cleaned to minimize contamination.


Square and Rectangular Silicon Nitride Membrane Windows:

NORCADA SiNx membranes offer robust X-Ray and electron transparent sample holders for nanocharacterization and microscopy. The SiNx MEMS devices come with nanometer-thickness membranes tailored to a flexible and optically flat film, and a ridgid silicon support frame. All SiNx membranes are individually inspected to meet Norcada’s high cleanliness and quality standards before cleanroom packaging into gel-capsules to maintain clean, defect free membranes.

These SiNx membranes are optimized for a variety of applications, including:

  • X-ray Microscopy and Spectroscopy
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Optical Microscopy, Interferometry and Raman Spectroscopy
  • Atomic Force Microscopy

Norcada SiNx membranes are usually made with a low-stress (<250MPa) film, which is compatible with a variety of sample-preparation methods including:

  • Thin-film deposition
  • Cell growth and culturing
  • Drop casting and dry powder dispersion of particles
  • 2D materials transfer 
  • Sample annealing and other thermal treatment (Please contact us for processing parameters)
  • Cryogenic sample preparation

Norcada X-Ray SiNx membranes are also offered with both standard and customized features. Our customization can offer the following specification ranges:

  • Membrane stress tailoring from 100MPa to 1000MPa available
  • Membrane thickness from 10.0nm to 6.0µm
  • Membrane sizes from 5µmx5µm to 70mmx70mm, or 20µm to 70mm diameter
  • Frame thickness of 100µm (MX series), 200µm (NX series), 380µm (PX series), 500µm (QX series), and thicker
  • Frame size from 1.0mmx1.0mm to 100.0mmx100.0mm or larger
  • Single-Window or MultiWindow Arrays

For more advanced product lines involving SiNx membranes, please refer to our application specific guides:

  • NanoPore and Bio-physics devices, including genomics and proteomics specific solutions: read more
  • X-ray, Ion or Electron transmission window application for beam sources and detector protection: read more
  • In Situ Liquid and Gas Cells, Operando Holders, along with Electrochemistry, Electro-Biasing, and MEMS-heating chips: read more

Alternatively, please contact us via and we would be glad to help with product selection and technical support.


Silicon Nitride Windows on 4x4mm and 5x5mm Size Silicon Frames

Silicon Nitride windows on 5x5mm or 4x4mm Size Silicon Frames
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Frame Size Frame Thick. Price per Pack
NX5025Z 10nm 0.25×0.25mm 5x5mm 200µm $250 *
NX5050Z 10nm 0.50×0.50mm 5x5mm 200µm $250
NX5002Y 20nm 0.02×0.02mm 5x5mm 200µm $190 *
NX5003Y 20nm 0.03×0.03mm 5x5mm 200µm $190 *
NX5025X 30nm 0.25×0.25mm 5x5mm 200µm $180
NX5050X 30nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm 200µm $180
NX5015A 50nm 0.15×0.15mm 5x5mm 200µm $160
NX5025A 50nm 0.25×0.25mm 5x5mm 200µm $160
NX5050A 50nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm 200µm $160
NX5100A 50nm 1.0×1.0mm 5x5mm 200µm $180
MX5150A 50nm 1.5×1.5mm 5x5mm 100µm $190
NX5150A 50nm 1.5×1.5mm 5x5mm 200µm $180
NX5025C 100nm 0.25×0.25mm 5x5mm 200µm $140
MX5050C 100nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm 100µm $170
NX5050C 100nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm 200µm $140
NX5100C 100nm 1.0×1.0mm 5x5mm 200µm $140
PX5100C 100nm 1.0×1.0mm 5x5mm 380µm $160
NX5150C 100nm 1.5×1.5mm 5x5mm 200µm $140
NX5200C 100nm 2x2mm 5x5mm 200µm $150
NX53515C 100nm 3.5×1.5mm 5x5mm 200µm $160
NX5050D 200nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm 200µm $140
NX5100D 200nm 1.0×1.0mm 5x5mm 200µm $140
NX5150D 200nm 1.5×1.5mm 5x5mm 200µm $140
NX5200D 200nm 2x2mm 5x5mm 200µm $150
NX5300D 200nm 3x3mm 5x5mm 200µm Please Contact
NX53515D* 200nm 3.5×1.5mm 5x5mm 200µm $160*
NX5100E 500nm 1.0X1.0mm 5x5mm 200µm $160
NX5150E 500nm 1.5X1.5mm 5x5mm 200µm $160
NX5200E 500nm 2X2mm 5x5mm 200µm $160
NX5015F 1.0µm 0.15×0.15mm 5x5mm 200µm $180
NX5200F 1.0µm 2x2mm 5x5mm 200µm $180
NX4270F 1.0µm 2.7×2.7mm 4x4mm 200µm $180
Above Prices are in US Dollars per Pack of 10 Devices

* Items marked with * in the price column are only available while our supplies last. These part numbers are replaced by new devices listed at:

Silicon Nitride Windows on 7.5×7.5mm and 8x8mm Size Silicon Frames

Silicon Nitride windows on 7.5×7.5mm or 8x8mm Size Silicon Frames
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Frame Size Frame Thick. Price per Pack
QX7300X 30nm 3.0×3.0mm 7.5×7.5mm 500µm $360
NX7050A 50nm 0.5×0.5mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $320
NX7100A 50nm 1.0×1.0mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $320
NX7050C 100nm 0.5×0.5mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $280
NX7100C 100nm 1.0×1.0mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $280
NX8100C 100nm 1.0×1.0mm 8x8mm 200µm $290
NX7150C 100nm 1.5×1.5mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $280
NX7200C 100nm 2.0×2.0mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $300
NX7050D 200nm 0.5×0.5mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $280
MX7100D 200nm 1.0×1.0mm 7.5×7.5mm 100µm $290
NX7150D 200nm 1.5×1.5mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $280
NX7200D 200nm 2x2mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $300
NX7150E 500nm 1.5×1.5mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $280
NX7200E 500nm 2.0×2.0mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $300
NX7050F 1.0µm 0.5×0.5mm 7.5×7.5mm 200µm $300
Above Prices are in US Dollars per Pack of 10 Devices


Silicon Nitride Windows on 10mmx10mm Size Silicon Frames

Silicon Nitride windows on 10x10mm Size Silicon Frames
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Frame Size Frame Thick. Price per Pack
NX10100X 30nm 1x1mm 10x10mm 200µm $300
NX10500X 30nm 5x5mm 10x10mm 200µm $400
NX10100A 50nm 1x1mm 10x10mm 200µm $300
NX10300A 50nm 3x3mm 10x10mm 200µm $350
NX10500A 50nm 5x5mm 10x10mm 200µm $400
NX10500B 75nm 5x5mm 10x10mm 200µm $375
NX10050C 100nm 0.5×0.5mm 10x10mm 200µm $250
NX10100C 100nm 1x1mm 10x10mm 200µm $250
NX10300C 100nm 3x3mm 10x10mm 200µm $300
NX10500C 100nm 5x5mm 10x10mm 200µm $325
QX10500C 100nm 5x5mm 10x10mm 500µm $350
QX102x1C+ 150nm 2x1mm 10x10mm 500µm $350
QX10200C+ 150nm 2x2mm 10x10mm 500µm $350
NX10050D 200nm 0.5×0.5mm 10x10mm 200µm $250
NX10100D 200nm 1x1mm 10x10mm 200µm $250
NX10150D 200nm 1.5×1.5mm 10x10mm 200µm $275
NX10300D 200nm 3x3mm 10x10mm 200µm $300
NX10500D 200nm 5x5mm 10x10mm 200µm $325
QX10500D 200nm 5x5mm 10x10mm 500µm $350
QX10100D+ 300nm 1x1mm 10x10mm 500µm $325
NX10300E 500nm 3x3mm 10x10mm 200µm $300
NX10500E 500nm 5x5mm 10x10mm 200µm $325
QX10500E 500nm 5x5mm 10x10mm 500µm $350
NX10500F 1.0µm 5x5mm 10x10mm 200µm $350
QX10500F 1.0µm 5x5mm 10x10mm 500µm $375
NX10500N 2.0µm 5x5mm 10x10mm 200µm $400
QX10500N 2.0µm 5x5mm 10x10mm 500µm $425
Above Prices are in US Dollars per Pack of 5 Devices

Large Size Silicon Nitride Windows on Silicon Frames

10x10mm Silicon Nitride windows on 15x15mm Size Silicon Frames
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Frame Size Frame Thick. Price per Pack
NX151000D 200nm 10x10mm 15x15mm 200µm $380
QX151000C 100nm 10x10mm 15x15mm 500µm $400
QX151000D 200nm 10x10mm 15x15mm 500µm $400
QX151000E 500nm 10x10mm 15x15mm 500µm $400
QX151000F 1.0µm 10x10mm 15x15mm 500µm Please Contact
Above Prices are in US Dollars per Pack of 2 Devices


MultiWindow SiNx Membranes for X-Ray Microscopy


Silicon Nitride Window Arrays on 10mmx10mm Size Silicon Frames

Silicon Nitride window Arrays on 10x10mm Size Silicon Frames
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Array size/pitch Frame Size Frame Thick. Price per Pack
NXA10040A 50nm 0.4×0.4mm 3×3/1mm 10x10mm 200µm $430
NXA10040C 100nm 0.4×0.4mm 3×3/1mm 10x10mm 200µm $400
NXA10100C 100nm 1x1mm 3×3/2mm 10x10mm 200µm $400
NXA10100E 500nm 1x1mm 3×3/2mm 10x10mm 200µm $400
NXA10100F 1.0µm 1x1mm 3×3/2mm 10x10mm 200µm $430
NXA10100N 2.0µm 1x1mm 3×3/2mm 10x10mm 200µm $430
Above Prices are in US Dollars per Pack of 5 Devices


High-density SiNx Membrane Arrays for X-Ray Microscopy 

NORCADA SiNx membranes are also available with Ultra-Thin support ribs, which result in a high density of SiNx windows arrayed within the aperture area, offering a robust structure and a high transmission aspect ratio. These devices offer a large field of view without compromising robustness of the ultrathin membrane.

High-density SiNx Membrane Arrays


High-density SiNx Membrane Arrays on 200µm Silicon Frames
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Array size / Rib size Frame Size Price per Pack
NXVA-2250-5030A 50nm 0.30×0.30mm 2×2 / 50µm 5x5mm $375
NXVA-3350-5040A 50nm 0.40×0.40mm 3×3 / 50µm 5x5mm $450
NXVA-2250-5045A 50nm 0.45×0.45mm 2×2 / 50µm 5x5mm $425
Above Prices are in US Dollars per Pack of 10 Devices


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Norcada also provides fabrication of custom designed X-Ray membrane windows to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Such fabrication services include non-standard sizes, thinner membranes, multi-window arrays, circular membranes, and windows with patterned electrodes. Please contact us if you require custom fabrication.

Norcada warrants the quality of its products and will replace any device deemed unusable due to fabrication defects within 90 days of purchase.

Download Silicon Nitride Membrane Windows Infosheet