X-Ray and Electron Tomography

X-Ray and Electron Tomography Devices

Norcada Silicon and Silicon Nitride based tomography devices offer high viewing angles for micro-analysis applications. The units are made to fit standard and custom-made holders and stages.  Norcada’s wide array of device configurations, including open edge membranes, FIB lift-out grids, and freestanding diving-boards, cover your various needs for X-Ray and Electron Microscopy and Tomography applications.

Tomography chips are available with the following Standard Features:

  • Si or SiNx membranes or foils
  • High viewing angles for 1 or 2 axis tomography
  • Metal fiducial markers
  • FIB microsampler probe access


  • TEM and Electron Tomography
  • X-Ray Tomography and Spectroscopy
  • FIB lamella sample preparation
  • Thin-film deposition and analysis
  • Cell growth and culturing
  • Drop casting and dry powder dispersion of particles
  • X-ray Nanoprobe

Open-Edge SiN Windows for X-ray Tomography (3-Sided membranes)

NORCADA 3-Sided SiNx membrane for X-ray Tomography

Part Number: XT01N-R XT01N-L NXTD-1.5N-Cr XT01N-L-CrPt
Frame Size: 5.5×3.0mm 5.5×3.0mm 6.0×5.0mm 5.5×3.0mm
Frame Thickness: 200µm 200µm 200µm 200µm
Membrane Thickness: 2µm SiNx 2µm SiNx 2µm SiNx 2µm SiNx
Membrane Size: 1.50×1.50mm 1.50×1.50mm 1.50×1.50mm 1.50×1.50mm
Membrane Location: Right-side Left-side 2 Windows Left-side
Fiducial Markers: N/A N/A 100nm Cr 50nm Cr & 50nm Pt
Viewing Angle: ±165° ±165° ±165° ±165°
Price per pack of 10: $300 USD $300 USD Please Contact Please Contact


Diving Board Sample Holders

Diving Board sample holders are designed to provide an open edged Silicon membrane, with 3 open faces. This design provides the highest possible viewing angle in 2 dimensions of rotation, and includes fiducial marks for orientation and image reconstruction.

NORCADA NCT4155P-IV-Cr Tomography Diving board. The blue region shows a free-suspended Si membrane. Red features are Fiducial marks. Dimensions in millimeters.


Part Number: NCT4155P-III-Cr NCT4155P-II-Pt NCT4155P-III-CrPt NCT4155P-IV-Cr NCT5207P-III-Cr
Frame Size: 3.5mmx1.5mm
Frame Thickness: 300μm
Membrane Thickness: 10μm thick <100> Silicon P-type & 20nm thick SiNx
Membrane Size: 0.50mmx1.40mm
Tomography Angle: ±170°
Fiducial Material: 100nm Cr 50nm Pt 50nm Cr, 50nm Pt 50nm Cr 50nm Cr
Type 3* Type 2* Type 3* Type 4* Type 2*
Price for 10 units: $400 USD $440 USD $440 USD Please Contact Please Contact
Price for 20 units: $750 USD $790 USD $790 USD Please Contact Please Contact

*Contact us for more information regarding the Fiducial Mark layouts


FIB Lift-out Grids for TEM Tomography

NORCADA FIB Lift out Grids for TEM Tomography


Part Number: NTT-5x010F NTT-5x050F NTT-3x200F
Frame Size: Polygon to fit 3mm dia., 200μm thick
Membrane Thickness: 1000nm SiNx
Membrane Size: 10×100μm 50×100μm 200×100μm
No. of Sample Wells: 5 5 3
Viewing Angle: ±170°
Fiducial Marks: N/A
Price for 10 units: Please Contact Please Contact Please Contact


Rectangular SiNx Membranes for TEM

Part Number: M1S18003U M1S1906A M2S1801A
Frame Size: 3mm dia., 100μm thick
Membrane Thickness: 7nm SiNx 50nm SiNx 50nm SiNx
Membrane Size: 1800×30μm 1900×6μm 1800×10μm
Number of Membranes: 1 2
Viewing Angle: ±80°
Fiducial Marks: N/A
Price for 10 units: Please Contact $180 $160


Rectangular SiNx Membranes for X-Ray

NORCADA X-ray Membranes with Fiducial Marks

Part Number: NXCT-0101-Cr-I NXCT-0101-Au-I NX5315D
Frame Size: 5x5mm
Membrane Thickness: 200nm SiNx 200nm SiNx 200nm SiNx
Membrane Size: 1.50×2.00mm 1.50×2.00mm 3.50×1.50mm
Fiducial Marks: 50nm Cr 50nm Au N/A
Tomography Angle: ±40° ±40° ±60°
Price for 10 units: Please Contact Please Contact Please Contact


Custom Fabrication:

Norcada also provides fabrication of custom designed X-Ray membrane windows to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Fabrication services include non-standard sizes, thinner membranes, multi-window arrays, circular membranes, and windows with patterned electrodes. Please contact us if you require custom fabrication. Norcada warrants the quality of its products and will replace any device deemed unusable due to fabrication defects within 90 days of purchase.