Norcada Single Crystal (111) Silicon Bending Plate X-ray Beam Splitter
Norcada Single Crystal (100) Silicon Membrane

Single Crystal (100) Silicon Membrane:

Norcada manufactures single crystal silicon membrane devices for X-Ray diffraction and a range of other applications.  Our standard products come with two different membrane thicknesses, 1.0µm and 2.0µm.  The membrane is supported by either a 300µm or 380µm thick silicon frame.

Silicon Membrane on 300µm & 380 µm Thickness Silicon Frame
Part Number Si Membrane Thick. Si Membrane Size Si Frame Thick. Si Frame Size Price per Pack
SM10480G 1.0µm 4.8×4.8mm 300µm 10x10mm $380
SM10480N 2.0µm 4.8×4.8mm 300µm 10x10mm $300
SM7480N 2.0µm 4.8×4.8mm 300µm 7.5×7.5mm $200
SM7350N 2.0µm 3.5×3.5mm 300µm 7.5×7.5mm $200
SM4734N 2.0µm 3.0×4.8mm 300µm 4.5×7.5mm $200
SM5200N 2.0µm±0.5µm 2.0×2.0mm 300µm 5.0×5.0mm $180
Price in USD for Pack of 2 Devices


Ultrathin Single Crystal (100) Silicon Membrane:

Norcada offers 100nm and 200nm thickness ultrathin single crystal silicon membranes in a standard configuration detailed below.  Please note these ultra-thin silicon membranes are slightly wrinkled due to the ultra-low stress and thickness of the membrane film (see photo below).  For more details, please contact Norcada.

 Membrane slightly wrinkled due to compressive stress in film

Ultrathin single crystal silicon membrane. Membrane is slightly wrinkled due to compressive stress in film

Ultrathin Silicon Membrane on 500µm Thickness Silicon Frame
 Part Number  Silicon Thick.  Membrane Size  Frame Size
SQ7300D 200nm 3x3mm 7.5×7.5mm
Made to order in batch quantity.  Please contact us for details.


Flat and Ultrathin Single Crystal (100) Silicon Membrane:

For applications that require thin and flat single crystal silicon membranes, Norcada has developed “UberFlat” silicon membranes which are fabricated with support meshes to make the pure silicon membranes flat.  The pure silicon membrane is centered on the window area supported by the silicon frame. For more information please contact Norcada.

UberFlat Silicon

UberFlat single crystal silicon membrane with support mesh on silicon frame.  The “gold” colored region at center is pure silicon.


Flat Ultrathin Silicon Membrane on 500µm Thick Silicon Frame
Part Number Si Mem Thick Si Mem Area Window Area Frame Size Price/Pack
CUF1065D 200nm 5mm dia. 6x6mm 10x10mm $650
SUF1054D 200nm 4x4mm 5x5mm 10x10mm $600
SUF1054E- 340nm 4x4mm 5x5mm 10x10mm $550
SUF743D 200nm 3x3mm 4x4mm 7.5×7.5mm $390
SUF721.6D 200nm 1.6×1.6mm 2x2mm 7.5×7.5mm $340
CUF521.7D 200nm 1.7mm dia. 2x2mm 5x5mm $240
SUF521.6D 200nm 1.6×1.6mm 2x2mm 5x5mm $240
Price in USD for Pack of 2 Devices


Ultrathin Poly-Crystalline Silicon Membrane:

Norcada has developed several new ultra-thin silicon membrane products using 100nm thickness poly-crystalline silicon films.  The new polysilicon membranes are available in several different frame and membrane size configurations.

Poly-Crystalline Silicon Membrane on 200µm Thickness Silicon Frame
– Temporarily out of production. Alternatives available in UberFlat family.
 Part Number  Silicon Thick.  Membrane Size  Frame Size  Price/Pack
PSM5100D 200nm 1.0×1.0mm 5x5mm
PSM5200D 200nm 2.0×2.0mm 5x5mm
Made to order in batch quantity.  Please contact us for details.


PLEASE CLICK HERE to order above standard products.

Custom Fabrication:

Norcada also provides fabrication of custom designed silicon membrane devices to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Such fabrication services include non-standard sizes, thinner membranes, multi-window arrays, and windows with patterned electrodes. Please contact us if you require custom fabrication.

Norcada warrants the quality of its products and will replace any device deemed unusable due to fabrication defects within 90 days of purchase.