Silicon Carbide Membranes

Norcada Silicon Carbide membranes offer a robust, conductive substrate for electron, X-ray, and optical microscopy. SiC is a conductive, crystalline material with high thermal and electrical conductance and provides a Nitrogen-free environment for elemental analysis.

SiC membranes can be used as substrates for in situ electrochemical and gas cells, and as substrates for epitaxial growth of thin films. These unique membranes can also be used as bases for X-ray optics, photonic crystals, quantum resonators, and MEMS structures.

SiC membranes material properties include:

  • Nitrogen-free substrate for EDX elemental analysis and X-ray spectroscopy of nanomaterials, thin films and biological material
  • Single Crystal membrane, 3C phase
  • Conductive membrane, ~1 Ω.cm sheet resistance
  • High thermal conductivity, and thermally stable up to 800C
  • Low resistivity Silicon Frames for added charge and heat dissipation

Norcada SiC products can also be provided with a variety of custom features, including:

  • Patterned metal surface features and thin films
  • Micro- and Nano-pores
  • Photonic Crystals and MEMS structures
  • Delivered in MultiChip format 
  • Fiducial marks and alignment marks
  • Custom thicknesses, and multi-layer stacks

SiC can also be supplied as transmission windows for X-ray optics, X-ray beam exit and entrance windows, detector windows, and X-ray end stations. Please contact Norcada for more information about SiC transmission windows. 



TEM image and Diffraction Pattern of NORCADA 200nm thick SiC


SiC Membranes on 400μm thick 5×5mm X-ray Frames
Part Number SiC Thickness Membrane Size Price/Pack
PSCX5050A 50nm 0.50×0.50mm Please Contact
PSCX5100A 50nm 1.00×1.00mm Please Contact
PSCX5200A 50nm 2.00×2.00mm Please Contact
PSCX5050D 200nm 0.50×0.50mm $600
PSCX5100D 200nm 1.00×1.00mm $650
PSCX5200D 200nm 2.00×2.00mm $700
PSCX5100F 1000nm 1.00×1.00mm Please Contact
PSCX5200F 1000nm 2.00×2.00mm Please Contact
Price in USD for Pack of 5 Devices


SiC Membranes on 400μm thick 10×10mm X-ray Frames
Part Number SiC Thickness Membrane Size Price/Pack
PSCX10500A 50nm 5.00×5.00mm Please Contact
PSCX10500D 200nm 5.00×5.00mm Please Contact
PSCX10500F 1000nm 5.00×5.00mm Please Contact
Price in USD for Pack of 2 Devices



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