Norcada UltiFlow


NORCADA UltiFlow is a bench-top instrument that enables surface preparation for your desired NanoPore, nanofluidics, and in-situ microscopy applications. The simple and elegant technology embedded in the UltiFlow uses a light spectrum to activate and hydrophilize the surface. Having activated oxygen as part of the process, the unit can create clean and wettable surfaces for up to one hour after each application.


The standard chip trays used in the system enable one to four devices (chips) to be processed in each run.  Norcada offers two standard trays and many made-to-order configurations.


UltiFlow units are manufactured, cleaned and tested in our cleanrooms and come with all the required accessories to enable the use of our MEMS devices for proteomics, genomics, virus and disease detection, microscopy and fundamental physics and biology experiments. All parts used for handling your samples or chips are cleanable using simple ultrasonic bath processes.



Standard Features:

  • Plug & Play using your standard single phase 110-120 or 220-240 V outlet
  • Touchscreen and programmable process control
  • No plasma source or chemicals required! 
  • Dedicated and sterile chip trays with secure lids
  • Chip tray pocket compatible with NORCADA NanoPore and in-situ devices
  • Alternative tray types available to accommodate desired MEMS or glass chips
  • Most applications require less than 10 minutes of processing per run



  • Surface activation of micro/nano-fluidic devices and electrodes
  • Hydrophilization and cleaning of NanoPore, genomics and proteomics devices
  • MEMS in-situ microscopy device cleaning and preparation
  • 2D Materials cleaning and surface modification