Norcada NanoPore FlowCell

NORCADA FlowCell Kits



NORCADA FlowCell kits deliver a ready-to-use ionic translocation experimental kit. These polymeric cells are compatible with Norcada Nano-Bio devices, including devices with NORCADA NanoPores, and Controlled Dielectric Breakdown (CDB) membranes (NanoPore Product)

The FlowCell kits are manufactured, cleaned and tested in our cleanrooms, and come with all required accessories for immediate applications in proteomics, genomics, virus and disease detection, or fundamental physics and biology experiments.

*Depending on your applications you may use the FlowCells as consumables or as semi-consumable items.


Standard Features:

  • Polyacrylate frame, compatible with up to 3M Salt (e.g. KCl) solutions
  • Chip pocket compatible with NORCADA NanoPore devices
  • Access ports for Encapsulated Silver Wire Electrodes
  • Various liquid reservoir sizes available

Norcada FlowCells Kits are a complete package, and include the following accessories in every shipment:

  • Two-piece FlowCell
  • Base plate support stand
  • Two chlorinated Silver wire electrodes, encapsulated for protection
  • Pre-cleaned gaskets
  • Standard Operation Procedures and assembly instructions
  • An optional set of NanoPore devices

Considering the application specifics for these FlowCells, Norcada offers two standard options, and many more custom configurations as made-to-order. Please contact us if the following standard options are not a perfect fit for your project.


Customizable Features:

  • Liquid Volume on each side of the FlowCell
  • Material type and chemical compatibility
  • Membrane device frame size and thickness
  • Electrode size, thickness, and material
  • Integration of surface electrodes and passivation layers
  • Base plate size and mourning features
  • Multi-pore and multi-fluidic configurations


Standard FlowCell Kits
Part Number Compatible Chip Size Electrode Compatibility Material Liquid Volume (each side)
NFCC-1003 3 mm dia. Encapsulated Silver Wire Polyacrylate 15μL
NFCC-1005 4x4mm 5x5mm Encapsulated Silver Wire Polyacrylate 15μL
Please Contact us for pricing and availability