Norcada’s standard TEM window with a single membrane at the centre of the frame.
Norcada’s TEM window array with 9 windows on a single frame for multiple analyses.

Single Window Silicon Nitride TEM Grids

Our standard silicon nitride window grids for  Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) are available with 5nm, 10nm, 30nm, 50nm, or 100nm thick square membrane windows centered on 200μm thickness silicon frames. The TEM window frames are circular or octagon shaped and fit inside a 3.0mm diameter circle. The silicon nitride membrane is low stress and robust. All of our TEM windows are packaged in 2″x2″ gelpaks (10 devices per pack).

The devices listed on this page are made as sample holders for electron or X-ray microscopy/spectroscopy applications. Please refer to our Nanopore Products page if you require devices for nanopore, genomics, proteomics or other bio-physics applications. Alternatively, please contact us via and we would be glad to help with product selection.

Standard TEM nitride windows on 200µm thickness silicon frame
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Price/Pack
NT005Z 10nm 0.05×0.05mm Please Contact
NT015Z 10nm 0.15×0.15mm $150
NT025Z 10nm 0.25×0.25mm $150
NT050Z 10nm 0.50×0.50mm $150
NT001Y 20nm 0.01×0.01mm Please Contact
NT025Y 20nm 0.25×0.25mm $150
NT050Y 20nm 0.50×0.50mm $150
NT005X 30nm 0.05×0.05mm $150
NT025X 30nm 0.25×0.25mm $130
NT050X 30nm 0.50×0.50mm $140
NT025A 50nm 0.25×0.25mm $100
NT050A 50nm 0.50×0.50mm $100
NT015C 100nm 0.15×0.15mm $100
NT025C 100nm 0.25×0.25mm $100
NT050C 100nm 0.50×0.50mm $100
NT025D 200nm 0.25×0.25mm $100
NT050D 200nm 0.50×0.50mm $100
NT015F 1000nm 0.15×0.15mm Made to order
Price in US Dollars for Pack of 10 Devices


Location-Tagged Holey Nitride TEM Grids

Location-tagged holey TEM nitride windows are similar to regular TEM grids but with micro-size pores over the membrane area.  In addition, it has location markings in both X and Y directions along the edges of the holey membrane,  allowing end users to track the locations on the membrane during their TEM work. Click Location Tagged Holey TEM to download product brochure in PDF.

Location-Tagged Holey TEM Grid on 0.5x0.5mm SiN window and 3mm diameter silicon frame

Location-Tagged Holey TEM Grid on 0.5×0.5mm SiN window and 3mm diameter silicon frame

Location-Tagged Holey SiN membrane for TEM

Close-up of the holey patterns on a Location-Tagged Holey SiN membrane for TEM

Location-Tagged Holey TEM nitride windows on 200µm silicon frame
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Hole Size Hole Spacing Price/Pack
NH050A2 50nm 0.5×0.5mm 2.0µm 3.0µm $280
NH050D2 200nm 0.5×0.5mm 2.0µm 3.0µm $270
Price in US Dollars for Pack of 10 Devices


3×3 Window Array for TEM

The window array TEM grid has 9 evenly-spaced 0.1×0.1mm square windows (in a 3×3 array pattern) centered on a 200µm thick circular or octagon shaped silicon frame that fits inside a 3mm diameter circle.  The window array allows the users to carry out several tests on the same TEM window device.

3×3 TEM nitride window arrays on 200µm thickness silicon frame
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Array Size Space Between Windows  Price/Pack
TA301Z 10nm 0.1×0.1mm 3×3 0.35mm $160
TA301X 30nm 0.1×0.1mm 3×3 0.35mm $160
TA301A 50nm 0.1×0.1mm 3×3 0.35mm $130
Price in US Dollars for Pack of 10 Devices


Rectangular Nitride Membrane Windows for TEM

The rectangular windows allow much larger viewing angle for TEM work.  There are two device configurations available: a single 1.9×0.6mm size window device and a double 1.8×0.1mm size window device.  Windows for both devices are centered on the 100µm thickness silicon TEM frame. Click Norcada SLOT TEM to download product brochure in PDF.

Rectangular TEM nitride windows on 100µm thickness silicon frame
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size # of Windows Price/Pack
7.5nm 1.8×0.03mm 1 Please Contact
15nm 1.8×0.03mm 1 $290
50nm 1.9×0.6mm 1 $180
Price in US Dollars for Pack of 10 Devices


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Nano and Micro Porous Membranes on TEM Grids

The nano and micro porous membranes for TEM come with a range of different pore sizes arrayed on a square lattice with different spacing (pitch) for different designs.  The hole array is centered on the square SiNx membrane window, and the window is centered on the frame of the standard TEM grid.  More information can be found here.




Sample SEM image of NH050A1032



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Custom Fabrication:

Norcada also provides fabrication of custom designed TEM grids to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Such fabrication services include non-standard sizes, thinner membranes, multi-window arrays, and windows with patterned electrodes, heaters and spacers. Please contact us if you require custom fabrication.

Norcada warrants the quality of its products and will replace any device deemed unusable due to fabrication defects within 90 days of purchase.