Multichip SiNx Membrane Arrays

Norcada Multichip Array devices contain multiple SiNx membrane chips held together within a support frame. This arrangement allows for parallel processing of SiNx membranes for high uniformity between samples. Multichips are ideal for applications involving spin coating photoresists, Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) and Focused Ion Beam (FIB) processing, or cell culturing sample prep.

Multichip Arrays have a central support piece designed to fit over a standard spin coater vacuum chuck. The outer sacrificial edge of the Multichip is optimized to isolate spin coating edge bead effects from the SiNx membrane devices for improved process uniformity.

After processing at your lab, multichip arrays can easily be singulated into individual chips. Multichips are available for standard 3.0mm dia. TEM-grid chips, as well as standard 5mmx5mm and 10mmx10mm square frame X-ray chips.


Please refer to the video below for singulation tips and tricks!


Multichip arrays can include a variety of optional features to help with your research.

  • Low resistivity Silicon Frames (LR) – Charge and heat dissipation during EBL/FIB processing and SEM/TEM characterization. Low-Res frames are identified by “-LR” at the end of the part number.
  • Noise Reduction UnderLayer (U/L) – Reduced electrical cross-talk between surface electrodes and reduced electric noise from the support frame. This layer is recommended for in situ biasing and ionic translocation applications. Imaging in SEM may be affected due to the insulating structure under the membrane. Underlayers are indicated by “-AO” or “-CO” in the part number.
  • Alignment Marks (E) – Passivated, non-metal global and local alignment markings on the front side of the device for EBL and FIB focusing, levelling, alignment and processing. Alignment marks are indicated by “MC8E” or “MC12E” in the part number.
  • Customized Surface Coatings and Top Layers (T/L):
    • Hydrophobic or hydrophilic layers to promote thin-film material adhering or repelling from the surface
    • Metal or non-metal charge dissipation films for improved EBL processing
    • Micro and nano features in form of holes, slots, electrodes, and more!

Any standard TEM chip, X-Ray chip, NanoPore chip or Single Crystal Silicon chip can be provided in multichip format as a made-to-order delivery.


Sketch of multichip layout for 5x5mm X-Ray chips and 3mm dia. TEM chips



Multichip Arrays of 3mm dia. TEM frame SiNx Membranes, 200µm thick
Part Number SiNx Thickness Window Size Area Additional Features
MC12-NT005A-LR 50nm 0.05×0.05mm N/A
MC12-NT005Y-LR 20nm 0.05×0.05mm N/A
MC12-NT005Y-AO/O-LR 20nm 0.05×0.05mm U/L: 60nm SiOx
MC12E-NT005A-LR 50nm 0.05×0.05mm EBL Alignment Marks
MC12E-NT005Y-LR 20nm 0.05×0.05mm EBL Alignment Marks
MC12E-NT005Y-AO/O-LR 20nm 0.05×0.05mm EBL Alignment Marks U/L: 60nm SiOx
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Multichips Arrays of 5x5mm X-ray frame SiNx Membranes, 200µm thick
Part Number SiNx Thickness Window Size Area Additional Features
MC8-NX5150A-LR 50nm 1.50×1.50mm N/A
MC8-NX5150C-LR 100nm 1.50×1.50mm N/A
MC8E-NX5150A-LR 50nm 1.50×1.50mm EBL Alignment Marks
MC8E-NX5150C-LR 100nm 1.50×1.50mm EBL Alignment Marks
MC8-NBPX5004Z-AO/O-HR 12nm 0.04×0.04mm U/L: 60nm SiOX
MC8E-NBPX5004Z-AO/O-HR 12nm 0.04×0.04mm EBL Alignment Marks U/L: 60nm SiOX
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