silicon nitride xray membranes and sample holders
Norcada’s Nitride WIndows individually packaged in gel capsules for ease of handling.
x-ray spectroscopy membrane windows and support films
Norcada’s Nitride Windows are carefully cleaned to minimize contamination.


Stoichiometric (High Q-Factor) Silicon Nitride Membranes:

Norcada manufactures stoichiometric Silicon Nitride Membrane devices primarily for researchers who are interested in studying quantum behavior of cavity optomechanical systems using Si3N4 membranes with high mechanical quality factor (High-Q) at very low temperatures.  Our NX series stoichiometric Si3N4 membrane windows are fabricated on 200um thickness silicon frame.  Our QX series come with 500um thick silicon frame.  All of the stoichiometric membrane windows are made from Si3N4 films with 1.0GPa high tensile stress.

Stoichiometric Si3N4 Membranes on 5x5mm 200µm Thick Silicon Frame
Part Number Nitride Thick Window Size Frame Size Price/Pack
NX5050XS 30nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm $300
NX5050AS 50nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm $300
NX5100AS 50nm 1.0×1.0mm 5x5mm $300
NX5150AS 50nm 1.5×1.5mm 5x5mm $300
NX5200AS 50nm 2.0×2.0mm 5x5mm $300
NX5050CS 100nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm $300
NX5050HS 150nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm $300
NX5050DS 200nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm $300
NX5100DS 200nm 1.0×1.0mm 5x5mm $300
Stoichiometric Si3N4 Membrane on 5x5mm 500µm Thick Silicon Frame
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Frame Size Price/Pack
QX5050XS 30nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm $350
QX5050AS 50nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm $350
QX5100AS 50nm 1.0×1.0mm 5x5mm $350
QX5050CS 100nm 0.5×0.5mm 5x5mm $350
QX5100CS 100nm 1.0×1.0mm 5x5mm $350
Above Price in USD for Pack of 10 Devices


Norcada also offers stoichiometric silicon nitride membrane windows on 10x10mm size frame for research groups that require lager frame size for their experimental setup.

Stoichiometric Si3N4 Membrane on 10x10mm 200µm Thick Silicon Frame
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Frame Size Price/Pack
NX10500XS 30nm 5.0×5.0mm 10x10mm $500
NX10050AS 50nm 0.5×0.5mm 10x10mm $400
NX10170AS 50nm 1.7×1.7mm 10x10mm $400
NX10500AS 50nm 5.0×5.0mm 10x10mm $450
NX10100DS 200nm 1.0×1.0mm 10x10mm $400
Stoichiometric Si3N4 Membrane on 10x10mm 500µm Thick Silicon Frame
Part Number Nitride Thick. Window Size Frame Size Price/Pack
QX10500CS 100nm 5.0×5.0mm 10x10mm $425
QX10500DS 200nm 5.0×5.0mm 10x10mm $425
Above Price in USD for Pack of 5 Devices


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Custom Fabrication:

Norcada also provides fabrication of custom designed membrane window devices to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Such fabrication services include non-standard sizes, thinner membranes, multi-window arrays, and windows with patterned electrodes. Please contact us if you require custom fabrication.

Norcada warrants the quality of its products and will replace any device deemed unusable due to fabrication defects within 90 days of purchase.