DFB Lasers for Gas Sensing and Spectroscopy

Norcada designs and manufactures near-IR and mid-IR single mode semiconductor distributed feedback (DFB) lasers for industrial sensing, environmental monitoring, and TDLAS applications.

Customers interested in our near-IR and mid-IR DFB lasers can visit our laser product website at www.norcada-lasers.com or contact us directly (info at norcada.com) to learn more about our specialty lasers.

Mid-IR DFB laser for TDLAS

Norcada Near-IR DFB laser in TO39 package for TDLAS

Norcada mid-IR DFB laser for gas sensing TDLAS applications

Norcada Mid-IR DFB laser in TO66 package for gas sensing TDLAS applications

For laser product details, please visit www.norcada-lasers.com