How to Order

Updated Product Shipping Protocol:

We would like to let all customers and partners know that Norcada has enabled a modified product packaging protocol. We have always packaged our devices in our cleanrooms and have sealed the bags/boxes containing products in the cleanest way possible. Since 2002, all of our shipments have been boxed in a clean and dry controlled environment, and sealed clean in a shipping box (FedEx/UPS/DHL). While boxing, we have always maintained white-glove handling of the outer surfaces of the product containers.  As of March 16, 2020, we have updated our protocol and our shipping staff have switched to sanitized nitrile gloves in all stages of packaging and shipping. When our customers receive the product shipment, they can be assured that all surfaces inside the courier box were only exposed to clean products, clean packaging materials and sanitized glove handling. Nitrile gloves are changed and sanitized on a regular basis..

Credit Card Order:

For Credit Card Order, please use our Online Order Form to email us the part number and quantity for each item along with detailed shipping instruction, and we will call you to get the credit card information.  You can also call our office or use the Credit Card Order Form to provide us the credit card details. PayPal option is also available if preferred.


Purchase Order:

To use Purchase Order option, please have your purchase order emailed to or faxed to 1.780.431.9638.  If you need a formal quotation, please email us your order details and contact info to, we will respond within 24 hours.


FedEx Shipping Rate Estimate (Gross Weight < 2.0 Lb):

Canada: FedEx 2nd Day: $30

USA: FedEx Overnight $40; Economy (2 Days): $30

Europe: FedEx Intl Priority (2 days) $50; Economy (4 Days): $45

Japan/Korea: FedEx Intl Priority (2 days) $60; Economy (4 Days) $50

Rest of Asia: FedEx Intl Priority (3 days) $70; Economy (5 Days) $60

Please note that the above transit times are estimates provided by our shipping partners. The actual delivery time may vary depending on destination or customs clearance processes.

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