Norcada engineer receives AITF Industry r&D Associate Award

Norcada research engineer Mojtaba Safari has received the Alberta Innovates Industry r&D Associate Award from Alberta Innovates Technology Future (AITF), to further assist the company’s effort in developing nanopore devices for chip based DNA sequencing applications. The award from AITF is for a period of two years with a total value of $124,000.

“We are very delighted to have Mojtaba receiving the r&D Associate award from AITF, the award allowed us to bring a high-caliber research engineer to our MEMS product group, and will accelerate the pace of our nanopore technology development effort over the next two years.” said Dr. Yuebin Ning, Vice President Research at Norcada.

Norcada Inc., a MEMS and photonic product company, specializes in the development and manufacturing of MEMS devices ( and mid-IR DFB lasers ( for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications

Founded in 2002, Norcada has a state-of-the-art MEMS and photonic fabrication facility in Edmonton, Alberta, home to a major nanotechnology cluster in Canada.