Packaging Solutions and Services

Standard Packaging

Norcada has inhouse packaging capability to support our own product packaging needs.  We also offer services to customers who need packaging solutions for their photonic products including lasers and detectors.  Our standard packaging solutions include standard TO style packaging and fiber-coupled packaging for our laser products depending on the customers applications. 

TO style packaging options include TO39 (TO5), TO37, and TO66.  All standard packages come with miniature Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC) to maintain laser temperature stability. Other optional features include slanted glass window (7 degrees tilt) to minimize back reflection and beam collimation lens integrated with the package.

Norcada also provides a standard 14-pin Butterfly style packaging with fiber-coupled output terminated with a FC/APC type of connector.   The package has TEC and optical isolator for temperature and wavelength stability. Other options include PM fiber, multimode fiber, and InF3 fiber for mid-IR lasers such as ICL and QCL lasers, up to 6um wavelength.


Custom Packaging

Norcada specializes in custom packaging solutions to meet specific application requirements of our customers. The specific applications include harsh environment deployment and aerospace sensing where enhanced reliability of packaging is required. Norcada has a full range of testing capabilities to ensure the custom packaging solutions can provide enhanced reliability in hermeticiy, shock and vibration resistance, and robustness against other mechanical stresses.