Laser Packaging Options

TO Can Style Packaging:

Our TO can style packaging comes with a miniature Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC) inside the package.  Our standard TO style packaging include TO-39 package and TO66 package. The TO39 style package has a 1.0W TEC capable of a temperature delta of 30C. The TO66 style package has a more powerful 2.0W TEC inside which can provide a 40C temperature delta.  The integrated TEC inside the TO package allows the end users to tune and stabilize the laser at a desired operating temperature and central wavelength. Both TO39 and TO66 packages come with a slanted glass window (7 degrees tilt) to minimize back reflection from the window.


Norcada mid-IR laser in TO style package with collimation lens

TO-66 style package with collimation lens


TO-39 style package without collimation lens









Collimation Lens:

Customers who wish to have a collimating lens mounted as part of the TO style packaging can choose either a 2mm diameter lens or a 4mm diameter lens.  Both lenses come with AR coatings optimized for the wavelengths of the lasers.


Butterfly Style Packaging:

The 14-pin Butterfly style package comes with a more powerful 3.5W TEC inside the package to control temperature stability of the laser during operations.  The laser output is coupled to a single-mode optical fibre which is terminated with a FC/APC type of connector.   The standard package also comes with an optical isolator to further reduce back reflection of the laser output. Details of the laser package can be found through our download center.


14-Pin Butterfly Style Package with Fiber-Coupled Laser Output


Custom Packaging Solutions:

Norcada can also design custom packaging solutions to meet specific customer requirements.  Please contact us for detail.