tunable lasers for gas sensing

Norcada designs and manufactures near-IR and mid-IR single mode semiconductor distributed feedback (DFB) lasers in the 760nm – 3300nm range for industrial gas sensing and environmental monitoring applications.  Our DFB lasers have a wide tuning range in wavelength with both temperature and current. The figure below shows wavelength of a nominal 2330nm DFB laser as a function of operating temperature and drive current. For a given temperature, the current tuning alone can provide up to 6nm of continuous tuning, significantly wider than similar products from other manufacturers.


Norcada offers two main styles of hermetic packaging options for our laser products. The TO can style packaging is the most common and a cost effective solution for many applications. Norcada also provides a standard 14-pin Butterfly style packaging with fiber-coupled output.  Both styles of packaging come with miniature thermal electric cooler inside and antireflection coated windows to ensure highly stable laser performance.