tunable lasers for gas sensing

Norcada designs and manufactures near-IR and mid-IR single mode semiconductor distributed feedback (DFB) lasers in the 1300nm – 3300nm range for industrial gas sensing and environmental monitoring applications.  Our DFB lasers come with two main styles of hermetic packaging configurations designed for temperature stabilization and wavelength tuning.

The TO can style packaging configuration consists of miniature thermoelectric cooler (TEC) housed inside the package which has a slanted optical window to further reduce back reflection. The TO style package also has the option to have a collimation lens mounted as part of the package. Standard TO packaging formats include a TO39 package and a TO66 package. The TO packaging design is compact and ideal for point sensing systems.  

We also offer a standard 14-pin Butterfly style packaging with  fiber-coupled output.  Fiber coupling options include single mode fiber, PM fiber, and multimode fiber depending on the application requirement.  All of our lasers are tested and certified prior to shipping to our customers.