Wire Grid Polarizer for Terahertz Applications

Norcada manufactures wire grid style polarizer and filters for the terahertz band applications using our thin-film membrane platform.


Norcada Polarizer

Our wire grid polarizers have practically identical performance compared with similar free-standing wire grid polarizers.  Our standard polarizers are available in both unmounted style and mounted version.

Comparison of Norcada Polarizer and Free-Standing Wire Grid Polarizer

Standard Terahertz Polarizer for 2″ Optical Mount:

THz polarizer with 1" aperture mounted on 2" OD aluminum ring

THz polarizer with 1″ aperture mounted on 2″ OD aluminum ring

THz Polarizer Mounted on 2″ Aluminum Support Ring
Part Number Device Size Aperture Size Wire/Spacing Unit Price
TP210055 2.0″ Diameter 1.0″ Diameter 5µm/5µm $950
TP215055 2.0″ Diameter 1.5″ Diameter 5µm/5µm $1150
Above Unit Price is in USD


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Product Warranty:

Norcada warrants the quality of its THz wire grid polarizers, and will replace any device that is deemed unusable due to fabrication defects within 90 days of purchase.