MEMS Devices for Scientific Applications

Norcada designs and manufactures MEMS chips for a wide range of scientific applications. These products are fabricated using our proprietary membrane platform technology and are sold world wide to high-tech companies, national labs and universities in more than 30 countries.

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Norcada designs and manufactures a wide range of MEMS devices for Transmission ELectron Microscopy (TEM) applications, including low stress Silicon Nitride TEM Grids, and MEMS chips for in-Situ TEM work. Please click product icon on left for additional product information.

X-Ray Microscopy:

Our product line for X-Ray microscopy applications include standard low stress silicon nitride X-Ray Windows  and MEMS chips for X-Ray Tomography work. Pleas click product icons on left for additional product information.

High Q-Factor Si3N4 Membranes:

These High-Q Si3N4 membranes are produced with stoichiometric silicon nitride films which have extremely low mechanical dissipation (high mechanical Q-factor) and low optical absorption, and are ideally suited for opto-mechanical studies. Click here or product icon on left for detailed product information.

Crystalline Silicon Membranes:

Norcada produces both single-crystalline and poly-crystalline Silicon Membranes. Single crystal silicon membranes are available in (100), (110), and (111) crystal orientations. Please click here or product icon on left for additional product information.

Wire Grid Polarizer:

High performance and low cost, Norcada’s wire grid THz Polarizers are ideally suited for terahertz research applications.  Please click here or product icon on left for product information.

Custom Fabrication:

Norcada also provides custom fabrication of silicon nitride membrane windows to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Such fabrication services include non-standard sizes, thinner membranes, multi-window arrays, and windows with patterned electrodes. Please contact us to inquire about custom fabrication services.

Product Warranty:

Norcada warrants the quality of its scientific MEMS products and will replace any device deemed unusable due to fabrication defects within 90 days of purchase.